Island Away - Saint C [Prod. by JS]

by Saint C

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Green and rare as Celebi, it's somethin' like your celery
I'm healthy with a new routine with motor skills developing
I'm driving wit the energy not made from solar entities
Rewind it back a century and let them know my tendencies
Dumpin' fuel while making heat, I'm making up a new disease
Burning trees and wrecking reefs, it's somethin' that I do to breathe
to get away from all the weed, because I need my time to eat
Wit acid dripping at your feet you wonder why I never spit
Yeah I'm winner with my microwave dinner, fake food,
but I'm realer than most potato head dealers,
who end up mashed into segments by all the neighborhood sheriffs
Who have no proof but they're reckless because they can't end a checklist, Throw out the Canada image
That's what they say when I rip it, I gotta style but it's different
So quitcha bitchin' wit critics, I'm making noise with the crickets
I'll be your neighborhood menace, I'll do it better than Dennis
Ya better go change the credits (C'mon)


Tearing up the canvas, I smash it and then enhance it
While I'm dancing on the casket of your neighborhood bandit
Who thought he had the type of talent that would give me a challenge, I left him hanging from the ceiling when I took all his earnings, He never gave me a reason, so I just lent him a purpose
I got some eed from a circus of circuits up in the service of workers sending the typical purchase that you can see when I'm working
I'm kinda mush and it's hurtin', but I'll return any moment
and take the beat and control it, with all the rhymes that I'm throwin'
I'm pitchin' witches coronas, I'm under spells and I know it
You see me write like a poet when sippin' potions to focus
I have no image of hopeless but I'm aware of what broke is
I've got the major component you need when knockin' em over
They're getting dropped like a boulder by all these girls when we show up, I'm getting laid that's a bonus, I'm getting smoked up,
I know it, she even said hocus pocus. cause she's a trick and I pulled it



released June 28, 2015
(Written & mixed by Saint C) (Prod. by JS)



all rights reserved


Saint C St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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